The Age of Stones #2 Update (& a Free Story)

Current workspace snapshot comes with an announcement about the second installment of The Age of Stones:

Current workspace, also featuring the new layout of my website!

So, translating the Greek draft into English as well as restructuring and adding scenes, etc. directly in English is nearly finished. It would all have progressed much faster if the main draft hadn’t been in Greek, but it so happened that I had too much material written in it throughout the years. After seconds to full months of relentless work over the keyboard, minutes to eons spent traveling all around Cosmos at the company of Drynoe, Skemmos, etc, but also of brand new characters, the second book in the saga enters its next phase.

The Age of Stones # 2 (which of course has had its specific title for many years now, will share it with you too in due course) finds already beloved characters and new heroes alike grappling with what Hydranos’s flight has brought about—but mainly with what another Stone of the primordial five has to say in the cosmic game that has been irrevocably laid out.

Life still and always happens, of course, all the more so for indie writers, who, apart from writing, have tons of other things simultaneously on their plates. However, I hope to enter the major editing stage of the book as soon as autumn kicks in.

I can never thank enough every single one of you, dear readership, for your unwavering support and enthusiastic messages. Your sincere love for The Age of Stones and its characters keeps this writer motivated to relay their stories and adventures to you even at the darkest of times. For that and for many more, I truly thank you. 🙏

Your support works more wonders than you can imagine. Along with my other works of fiction, The Age of Stones saga is able to keep unfolding only with your own engagement: following me on social media or even better, subscribing here to my website (button at the right of your screen –>) to always be up-to-date about writing news and on all things bookish, etc, is only a click away.

Read on and stay tuned for more.

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Bonus announcement: If you haven’t done so already, you can now read my short story Rite of Passage (published by Kingston University Press) for free!


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