Quote published in 2022 ‘Tiny Buddha’ Planner!

Some years ago, I had the honour of having my article 5 Ways Failure Can Be a Blessing in Disguise published on Tiny Buddha.

Some months ago, the amazing Lori Deschene behind Tiny Buddha reached out to me with the most exciting news: a quote from my article was chosen to be featured in the 2022 calendar!

Tiny Buddha is a brilliant space that supports and celebrates the fighter, survivor, and thriver in us, and Lori is doing an incredible job with it. Upon receiving my 2022 calendar copy, I was therefore far from surprised by how glorious it is. Feast your eyes on the photos I’m sharing with you here, and head over to Amazon or the Tiny Buddha shop to get your own copy!

Fondest thanks once more to Lori; I will put this beauty to good use. 🙏

Have you had any positively life-altering journeys that began thanks to a failure? Do share your experience in the comments!

You can also check out more articles of mine on self-improvement on my blog or find yourselves empowered by reading these free short stories!

More fiction celebrating resilience and authenticity: YT-79605 (short story)

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