*Attained the 29th place on the hourly ‘Top 100 Amazon Best Sellers – Literary Short Stories‘ list*

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Sometimes all that separates humanity from mere human existence… is only a thread.

Jade is a prisoner; of far more things than the unconventional cell keeping her incarcerated within the innermost parts of a world that treats empathy as a despicable crime.
When the odds of being set free seem as thin as a thread, one can only hope for a different kind of liberation: that of the mind from the shackles of a hurtful past.
The question is, how?

YT-79605 is a contemporary short story bound to immerse you in its dystopian world.

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Reviews for YT-79605

– “The story had me hooked from the first page.[…] And I have to say, I want more! This absolutely works as a stand-alone but at the same, the world created here is awesome enough to hold a whole novel.”- Mischa, Goodreads reviewer

– “HOLY WOW. I am writing this as I just finished this amazing short story, and I am honestly shocked at how pulled in I was in these few pages. Maud has crafted a masterpiece, a world that I feel like I could read an entire series so quickly and efficiently, and my only reaction is that I want more. The writing was beautiful, the characters were so interesting, and like I said before, this world pulls you in just like Maud’s other book Hydranos.[…] If you have a chance to read this, you 100% should, and be prepared to want more!” – Jenna, Amazon reviewer

– “Oh, wow! I really loved this short story.[…] It is well written, like the author’s first book Hydranos, both worth checking out. Definitely recommended as a thought provoking quick read that’s finished over a cup of tea.” – Max, Goodreads reviewer

– “I was amazed by Constantina’s ability to reduce the story to these few pages while still giving the reader a good insight and she even managed to include authentic character development.”- Elle, Gooreads reviewer