Meet the Nations

If you ever found yourself in the mystical lands of the Greek culture-inspired, fantasy series The Age of Stones, which of the four Nations would you belong to?

Hydrian hydranos fantasy avatar nation portrait blue water background


The Hydrians are none other than the protégé Nation of Hydranos itself–the Nation of Water, the People of the Heart.

Having Hydranos as their ‘patron’ Stone, Hydrians consider themselves masters of the ocean and all water in general. Myth has is that their rulers can infuse the seas with their moods and emotions, that is why the ocean is so unpredictable and mutable. Some Hydrians are even said to be able to use water in order to communicate through distances beyond reach. Their cities are the richest, most majestic and abundant of all, manifesting their love for a life full of adventure, new thrills and perpetual indulgences. A Hydrian is not easily angered, but when that happens it can be terrifying. Their attitude is heavily dependent on how others treat them; that’s why in terms of justice, “what you give is what you shall get” is considered their undeniable motto.

  • Principal virtues: Daring, persistent, thirsty for new things, adventure-driven, nature-loving, generous
  • Possible flaw: Wrath
  • Political system: Imperial monarchy
  • Heroes in Hydranos: Vryx, Galenos, Vyssos


The Nation of the Earth, the People of the Body.

Having Khoa as their ‘patron’ Stone, Khoans are the most heavily fragmented nation. Torn by civil strife and rivaling ambitions since the beginning of history, it is as if the Khoans were given the daunting task to find the golden balance of good and evil within the human existence. Earthly are the hues prevailing on their appearance, as are the major qualities of their temperament too. The principles they’ve built their societies around are strength, endurance, steadfastness, calmness, beauty and harmony. A sense of grounding and homecoming is close to a Khoan’s heart, as it is sometimes also a goal just barely out of reach. And even though throughout history their nation has been the most easily swayed by their dark side, the Khoans can take pride in being the most battle-wrought warriors on Cosmos.

  • Principal virtues: Forbearing, devoted, patient, steadfast, calm, caring
  • Possible flaw: Inflexibility
  • Types of governance: Monarchy and feudalism, democracy
  • Heroes in Hydranos: Drynoe, Agathon, Adeimos, Pheidon, Skemmos (half-Khoan, half-Pyrrhian), Aristomachos
Khoan hydranos fantasy avatar nation portrait black background

Pyrrhian hydranos fantasy avatar nation portrait red background


The Nation of Fire, the People of the Mind.

Obviously having Pyrrha as their ‘patron’ Stone, Pyrrhians firmly believe that knowledge is above everything else. It is said that only an Aerian and her/his unparalleled intuition is capable of readily spotting a lying Pyrrhian. Making their homes and building their societies even close to volcanoes and deserts, these petite yet uncommonly sharp people are the definition of ‘more than meets the eye’. It is sometimes said that they can even communicate by means of their thought stream alone. They are the only nation on Cosmos that chooses its leaders according to their mental abilities and skills. Valuing more what an individual can be than what she/he is born with, Pyrrhians often take it upon themselves to enlighten their fellow Cosmians; and each time, it is only a matter of time for them to succeed.

  • Principal virtues: Inventive, imaginative, far-sighted, skillful, cool-headed, tactful
  • Possible flaw: A conniving streak
  • Political system: Meritocracy
  • Heroes in Hydranos: Skemmos (half-Khoan, half-Pyrrhian)


The Nation of the Air, the People of the Soul.

Having Aver as their “patron” Stone and being pure to the core, Aerians are the only ones that were never divided into subnations. They live longer than all the other peoples and are almost impervious to the corruption of any tempting darkness. An Aerian’s honesty can sometimes make him disagreeable. Likewise, their firm belief that they’re the purest of – and thus superior to – all other Nations is the root of their arrogance. People of actions and not words, Aerians love heights and the sky-high mountain tops where they reside, and are fiercely fond of their isolated and xenophobic lifestyle. That is also why they may rarely form alliances. However, when bound by their word or by oath, they never break it and keep it with their very life.

  • Principal virtues: Incorruptible, moral, honourable, plain, honest, pure
  • Possible flaw: Pride
  • Type of governance: Tribal
  • Heroes in Hydranos: (Khoans with some Aerian origins) Agathon, Aristomachos
Aerian hydranos fantasy avatar nation portrait grey background

Curious about the part each Nation has to play in the universe of Hydranos? Dip your feet in its pool to find out!

*Note: Images created via Fantasy Avatar Creator and edited by Constantina Maud – All Rights Reserved