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Fancy yourself having an alter ego in the mysteries-filled world of Hydranos? Then, look no further than below.

Drynoe hydranos fantasy avatar female warrior character portrait green oak forest


First impressions often dub you ‘the girl/guy next door’. A few deeper impressions down the road, though, and the truth shines through: you are contradiction incarnate. Honest and straightforward, yet you sometimes hide your feelings or thoughts–you’ve been judged or hurt for them in the past more times than many… Warm and reliable, you are an empath, always considerate of the feelings of others. This is why when deeply abused and betrayed, you seal the door behind you–and that’s forever. Living with all these opposing forces inside you, self-doubt has grown to be your major enemy. At your best, though, you are a true defender; more rather of others than of yourself.

“True siblings are bound together by far more essential things than blood, while more times than many blood isn’t thicker than water.”

Drynoe, Hydranos


Adaptable? Yes. With an unbeatable talent in witticisms? Double that “yes”, please. Sociable and diplomatic, you qualify as an equally good listener and eloquent talker. That’s why you get away with almost anything, even when being outright sarcastic. You believe, no, you know people simply cannot resist you… nor your trademark, unconventional taste in almost anything. Even when personal interest is your driving force, you camouflage it successfully behind your well-crafted social image. It follows rather logically, then, that those who don’t regard you as a most pleasant friend… are probably the ones who think of you as an enemy not to be trifled with.

“As usual, however, those who strive to understand have no power to act.”

Skemmos, Hydranos
Skemmos hydranos fantasy avatar character portrait multicolor colorful fireworks

Adeimos hydranos fantasy avatar character portrait green and brown colors


You are a wave of joy and life. Warm-hearted, self-sacrificing and guileless by conviction, almost nothing scares you; your signature is how effortlessly you express your feelings, both through words and actions. That’s the same reason, though, why you’re easy to lose your temper. You value your homeland and family above all and can be quite prejudiced against something new or unconventional. Your tendency, however, is to always see the glass as half-full; and that has never failed you.

“Am I that unjust towards my species, to think that a simple man is an exception?”

Adeimos, Hydranos


Flamboyant shawl? Check. Bright smile on? Check. Now, out that door and into the world! Busy entrepreneur by day, life coach by the rest of the day, party-shoes-on by night, you name it; that’s you. And you are so happy to be you! So how can you not want to pass this inner bliss and festive mood on and bring it out in anyone you encounter? Games and dares spark life in your eyes and you don’t take no for an answer. There are few things you adore more than endlessly teasing easy human targets… This zest for life, though, might often make you frivolous and prone to rule bending. Above all, you value your freedom and you often crave to free as many as possible from the prison of themselves. One thing is certain–you give plot to the novel that is life.

“Everything makes so much more sense, when you forget what life forces you to remember.”

Vryx, Hydranos
Vryx hydranos fantasy avatar female character portrait blue sea ocean

Agathon hydranos fantasy avatar character portrait grey mist forest


Depth is an underrated word with which to describe you. An almost unapologetic introvert, you are more thoughtful and responsible than many. Despite your immense talents or skills, though, you may not be as self-confident as you should – and your past holds the key to this… More often than not, you try to justify others’ behaviour and bottle up your own, hurt emotions. So no one knows how intense you can become when all this explodes; and that can be either a strength… or a curse.

“That’s what friends, that’s what brethren are for; to be there, where words cannot.”

Agathon, Hydranos


You’ re an altruist – whether you like a label or not (which indeed you don’t). You stand against injustices and wouldn’t give it a second thought sacrificing your convenience for the greater good. Volunteering and actively helping the underdogs is the only thing you find meaning in; these after all might resonate with your own personal story, too… Above all you value authenticity. However, you can get quite judgmental sometimes, towards people who oppose your personal code of values. You’re like the sea: calm but also mighty at times. Because of how much you respect others’ freedom of feelings, you rarely show how deep your own are; and for that you’re often dubbed aloof or detached. Take care, thus, not to end up becoming what you abhor: untrue to who you really are.

“Being compassionate or even performing a couple of benevolent acts is anything but hard. Keeping them a secret from yourself is what’s not easy.”

Lythes, Hydranos
Lythes hydranos fantasy avatar character portrait blue night sky with full moon

Pheidon hydranos fantasy avatar character portrait green forest meadow sunlight


You are the epitome of calm, cool logic; the surviving kind. A mediator and a peacemaker, morality and justice are your way of life. And that’s why you simply need to believe in a teleology, to keep you on track. You could live on mere meditation for days, but a clean, organized house is an absolute must. On the downside, you may detach yourself from your flaws and become overcritical of others. When someone, say a spirited cousin named Adeimos, evokes your emotions, you might resort to a wits’ war as a defense mechanism. Could it also be that you rarely address anyone by their name? Then, yes, you are Pheidon.

“I speak of the laws man has made, to make everyone lawful.”

Pheidon, Hydranos


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