First traditional publication: Rite of Passage

It’s Conversations‘ time.


Been meaning to put together this post ever since I received my author’s copy of the ‘Conversations’ anthology–my short story ‘Rite of Passage’ has been selected and published in it by Kingston University Press!

Book Cover Short Story Collection Kingston University Press Hermes
Cover of the anthology ‘Conversations’

I’m sharing this incredible thrill with all of you dear ones, since this holds a further special meaning for me. After venturing into the rough yet rewarding waters of independent publishing, this time my latest literary piece has been traditionally published (under my full legal name and not my pen name).

I cannot thank Kingston Writing School and the British Council enough for this unique opportunity. The editing and publishing team have really put together a wonderful medley of stories!

Taking also this chance to address especially the talented aspiring authors among you, I would like you to know that no form of publication, be it traditional or independent, is what truly makes someone a writer. Nor is simply picking up a pen and letting sparkling words or challenging-for-the-sake-of-challenging scenes drop on the paper. When you have written something, and then you read that something through a reader’s eyes, and you feel every sentence of your story pound against your very heart truer than truth itself … then, and only then, you know that you are irrevocably a writer.

So, if you happen to be an Ancient Greek mythology aficionado and also believe school bullying stories touch and connect us all in levels that surpass geographical or any other boundaries, then Rite of Passage is one short story that might just be for you.

Warmest thanks once more to all of you who honestly and actively support me and I hope to keep giving it back to you tenfold through heartfelt storytelling.

Much love,


You can also find my latest, dystopian short story ‘YT-79605‘ on Amazon ~

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