‘Hydranos’ sets sail

Across sapphire oceans and sunlit waves, towards summer and lands of dream…
I officially invite you to get immersed into the world of Hydranos.My paperback novel is finally published on Amazon. ~Once upon a summer, in 2003, the first heroine of my novel series ‘The Age of Stones’ runs her way through my mind and sets the foundations for the universe of Cosmos.
Once upon a summer, in 2014, Hydranos, the first novel in the series, is published in Greek for a limited amount of copies.
Once upon a summer, in 2018, Hydranos sets sail at last in English.As in the meantime (real) life and day job responsibilities must also happen, those four years after its first publication were years of utterly personal, relentless hard work on the English version. Because stepping into self-publishing/authorpeneuring shoes too aside, as most literary translators out there I’m sure will concur, I did not just translate my novel from Greek into English.

It was in the end an actual rewriting.

However, here it is. And I cannot even begin to describe my bliss, being able to share with you this world I’ve been so painstakingly creating for more than ten years.

Hydranos is my personal creation through and through—a one-woman show, if you will. From the actual writing of the novel to the maps’ and cover design and the paperback layout (there are many insurmountable reasons I could not do otherwise, but I shall not bore you with elaborating on this here). Therefore, please bear with me in case any ‘productional’ flaws or the like appear in the paperback; I have done my utmost best by putting my heart and soul in this endeavour and hope to not let you down.

I cannot wait for you to check it out and I look forward to all of your comments and most valuable feedback! I will try and reply as promptly as I can.

Should you enjoy the heartfelt story Hydranos has to whisper to you, please do not forget to leave a review on its Amazon and Goodreads pages—as an indie author, I can obviously use all the support I can get.~

See you on the sparkling seaside of Helicasteros! ~

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