*Holiday Giveaway* [CLOSED]

Merry greetings everyone! It’s that time of the year and thankfully I am able to launch the first paperback giveaway of Hydranos on Instagram, well, just in time! 🎁

Aside from the Xmas flair of it, this giveaway is also intended to celebrate my Instagram account reaching 500 followers 🙏 ~ So, if you wish to enter, buckle up and check out the respective Instagram post here.

Before that, however, please be sure to read the following paragraphs, as I’d like to give you an idea about the identity of Hydranos and ‘The Age of Stones’ novel series that starts with it, so that you know what you’re signing up for if you read it ~

    • First and foremost, Hydranos does not belong to the Young Adult genre.
    • It is rather classified as Literary Fantasy–that is, a genre combining literary fiction and high/epic fantasy.
      Therefore, the novel includes more descriptive scenes/classic writing style and inner thoughts of the characters than a typical fantasy novel.
      As a result, if you’re mostly a Contemporary Fiction reader and you don’t read and  enjoy the Classics, then you most probably won’t like Hydranos either.
      Moreover, the novel has a great deal of world-building too, with Glossary, Maps, etc. near the end of the book, so it surely matters if you enjoy high/epic fantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings or A Game of Thrones, and are used to reading them.
      For more info about the blurb, etc., you can check out Hydranos’s Goodreads page here.
    • On a final note, Hydranos draws inspiration from Ancient Greek lore too, and it has a philosophical aspect to it–the imaginary world serves as a means to convey more or less philosophical messages, revolving around the inner journeys of the characters too.

If you’re still with me, you might as well check that giveaway on Instagram after all. 🙂

Happy holidays, folks! ✨

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