The Versatile Blogger Award

Blog award time!

And what a wonderful surprise it was to find Agapi Reads nominating me for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. I truly appreciate it! 🙏

There are also a few rules that have to be followed upon accepting the award:

  • Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link to her/his site. As The Killers put it, “It’s only natural”.
  • Pick 15 blogs you believe stand out and nominate them in turn for this award.
  • Mention 7 (obviously bookish/culture-related) things about yourself.

Well, about that last one, I’ve never been really comfortable just going on talking about myself; but seeing that the rules demand it, here we are–so, let’s talk culture!

  1. Fictional world-creating is something very close to my heart. I came up with my first, full-fledged imaginary universe when I was 9 years old. Along with some fierce map-drawing, it obviously involved lots of spontaneous costume-making and cosplaying with friends. ~
  2. Diary keeping aside, my first official piece of literary writing met my pen and paper when I was 13 (still got that story, yes). And by 18, my first novel was already underway.
  3. Ever since 2003, I’ve been living in 2 universes at once. One is reality (I think 😏) and the second one is my own creation *yet again*: the world where my novel series takes place.
    Note: the first installment is published in Greek and currently out of stock—so more details on the English and second edition are coming soon, stay tuned! ~)
  4. I have an insatiable passion for folklore and foreign cultures (if you don’t believe me, you can always ask my mp3 playlist, which is bouncing between K-Indie, sitar solos and whatnot. 🕌)
    Note: hence comes me being a foreign languages’ junkie too (mother tongue Greek aside, I know my fair share of English, French, German, Korean, while also savouring  here and there a pinch of Chinese and Hindi.)
  5. According to the infamous MBTI personality test, I’m typed as INFJ. And regardless of any serious scientific validity in it or not, ever since I found this out it has helped me a lot in better understanding myself (mainly giving in to my literary urges with less qualms, that is.)
  6. Back to literature and milestones, though. I believe I caught the literary bug for good at the age of 7 while being voraciously lost in Geoges’s Sari book “The Treasure of Vaghia” (and yes, I am still dreaming of having a friend  like Alexis).
  7. I have a huge thing for astronomy and the Universe, and in a clear night you can bet you’ll find me naming constellations in the sky (p.s. as a child, I even dreamt of one day building my very own observatory. 👽)

Well, that’s pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed this post, at least enough to make you want to come up with such a list of your own. ~ And now, here come 15 wonderful blogs, which I nominate in turn (I’m new to this award-tagging procedure, so bear with me.)

Moody Moppet

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Slippery Edge

The Drabble


The Opinionated Reader

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LotsaSmiles Photography

On a final note, here are also my Instagram and Goodreads accounts, I look forward to hearing from you there as well ~

Till then, lots of love,


2 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I love astronomy and I believe if they had that career or even something related to it here in my country I would have definitely go for it. I also love learning about other cultures and traveliing haha. Thank You soo much for nominating me ❤

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