Decoding ‘introvert’

Not a long time ago I came across an infographic on ‘introversion vs. extroversion’ that got me thinking; in a predominantly extroverted society, this is another form of discrimination rarely spoken of.

So, since extroversion is praised as strength, introversion must be a weakness.
The colours of this image make the true point, though: both human, two faces of the very same coin.
And to make it even more clear:

1. “better expressive with writing” means “can most certainly converse but would rather be a writer”

2. “enjoy their alone time” means “love their friends and family deeply but know they can wholesomely show it only after they have recharged their drained empathetic energy through alone-time for as long as it takes”


3. “prefer conversation one-on-one or in small groups” means “they know that meaningful connection and helpful input comes as a matter of quality and not quantity”

4.”dislike speaking on the phone” means “time for the much-needed alone and recharge time” (see no.2)

5. “need time to think before speaking” means “there are too many concepts/thoughts/answers in their head plus they’d rather present them in order plus in a way that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings”

If this is weakness, then I’m more than happy to have it.

The infographic missed one more trait though:

6. “they truly value and love those who not just won’t spite them for their introversion but love them exactly for it”

It is not simply ok to be an introvert; it is a right.

[Check out the extended version of this article at Solomon Magazine ~]

3 thoughts on “Decoding ‘introvert’

  1. I lean more towards the introvert side of the spectrum and ALL of these were most definitely myself! Do you identify with extroverts at all? Thanks for a great read!

    -blue jay

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